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AKALO Gift Card

AKALO Gift Card

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Spread the ❤️  Send a gift card to a friend, family member or loved one. Our AKALO gift cards are just like cash, simply use them in our online store ( at checkout.

  • Receive your gift cards in your email immediately after you have purchased them.
  • If you are sending a gift card to someone else, forward them the gift card email once you have received it.

    How to use

    Apply your gift card code at checkout to utilise the credits in the gift card.


    • Where can I use my AKALO Gift Card?

    AKALO Gift Cards are only accepted on our website (

    • Does my gift card expire?

    No, our gift cards do not expire.

    • What happens to my credits in my gift card if I do not use them all at checkout?

    We will only deduct the checkout amount from your gift card. The remaining amount can be used for your next order.

    • How many times can I use my gift card?

    You can use your gift card as many times as long as there are credits in them.

    • What if the credits in my gift card are insufficent for my checkout amount?

    We will deduct whatever amount is left in your gift card and you would have to pay the remaning amount via your preferred payment method.

    • Can I refund or cash out the balance amount in my gift card?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to refund or cash out any balance in your gift card.

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