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About wearable vitamin delivery.

Every year globally, people spend an average of $152 billion on vitamins and swallow roughly 630 billion pills. What these consumers might not know is that nearly 95% of the nutrients in these oral vitamins never make it to the bloodstream - the only place vitamins are effective.  In contrast to oral ingestion, a vitamin patch is able to deliver nutrients to the body continuously over the course of wear. Instead of trying to send vitamins through the hostile gastrointestinal tract, a patch bypasses the digestive system altogether and efficiently delivers vitamins to the skin.

As it specifically relates to alcohol consumption, a fun night of drinking leads to continuous nutrient depletion and requires continuous nutrient replenishment. Continuous nutrient replenishment can be achieved by staying connected to an IV, by ingesting pills every 30 minutes @ 5% efficiency, or by simply applying a layer of vitamins in the morning and forgetting about it until the next day.

Meet AKALO vitamin patches.

Your discreet and easy option for continuous nutrient replenishment.

Vitamin B1 as an alcohol processor.

AKALO Hangover Patches contain thiamine, also known as vitamin B1. The B1 in our patches is an essential component in the metabolization of carbohydrates. As soon as alcohol enters your body, it’s treated as a carbohydrate. To effectively process it, your body requires B1. In scientific terms, B1 is an important cofactor enzyme in the production of glutathione which is critical to the neutralization of toxins that come from breaking down alcohol. Given the body’s sensitive stores of B1 and glutathione (meaning quickly used up after a few drinks), and how integral they are in the disposal of the toxins that can cause the symptoms associated with the day after drinking, we must constantly replenish our body with these nutrients. Ongoing replenishment of B1 helps us process each subsequent drink.

Too often, people attempt to treat the negative effects of alcohol after they have already set in.

Expect more from your vitamins